Is a professional website worth the cost?

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Just about every business needs a website. Everyone knows that, but with all of the DIY tools out there, is it worth paying a professional to build your company’s site? Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and WordPress are just some of the companies that offer do it yourself website building tools to anyone with some time and […]

Why have a website when Facebook is free?

Why have a website when Facebook is free?

When trying to establish an online presence for your small business, you have to make some tough decisions to get the best advertising return for your dollar. Many people wonder if investing in their own website is wise when they can use Facebook’s popularity to their advantage for free. Let’s look at some pros and […]

How important is loading time for your website? [Infographic]

How important is loading time for your website?

Everyone knows that speed is king in the digital world. As technology gets exponentially better and quicker, users expect the load time of the sites that they visit to keep clip with our fast-paced world. A page that loads slowly causes frustration on the user end and can keep people from staying on your site, […]

Social media management now available

Social Media Networking Time

Studio 305 is pleased to announce that we now offer social media management services for everyone. We have offered these services for select clients for some time but now we are available to manage any business? social media, even if we don?t manage your website. What is Social Media Management? You likely already have a […]

Don’t fall for domain name scams

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The other day I got a ?Domain Name Expiration Notice? letter in the mail from a company called Internet Domain Name Services. Despite the official sounding company name, I knew that it was a scam. My first instinct was to toss it in the recycling bin but then I realized that this could be a […]