There are two ways that we work with our clients: a la carte and Webmaster-for-Rent.

With the a la carte option,  the client chooses the services they need and pays for each individually.

With the Webmaster-for-Rent option, the client pays one monthly fee and receives a host of services like website design and development, mobile site, site maintenance, email marketing, domain management, and any of the other services we offer.

If you think of the website as a house, with the a la carte option, we build the house to the client’s specs, hand them the keys and walk away. It is up to the client to keep up with the maintenance of the house and any repairs or updates that are needed later.

With the Webmaster-for-Rent option, Studio 305 keeps the house clean and yard mowed, replaces the carpet if it gets worn, repaints to keep the house looking fresh, remodels as needed, etc.

Most clients choose the
Webmaster-for-Rent option
for one simple reason:
It saves them time and money.

The average Webmaster earns almost $70,000/year. Studio 305 can bring the same expertise to YOUR business for a fraction of that price. Plus, you don’t have to pay for benefits, office space, equipment, or training costs.

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